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Posted: Thursday, March 18, 2010 by Stained in Labels:

Situation 1

Person A: Lets hang out!!!
Person B: Lets go to a sheesha place..
Person C: Cool...
Me: I'll cya all later....

Situation 2

Person A: I'm bored!!
Person B: Lets go to that club and have fun...
Person C: Cool...
Me: Urgh....I'll cya all later...

This is how every outing is planned in Dubai IMO. So to be social in Dubai, you need to love sheesha or bars. I think I'll prefer being socially inactive than to waste my life on such disgusting that...


  1. Harsha says:

    Cuz thats where all the lounges are.. you dont have to have sheesha or Alcohol to hang out.

    I go to sheesha places.. I have juices/coffee, foooood and enjoy my time with my friends!

    I go to clubs for the music.. I looove dancing and am into music alot, others can drink (yes I drink too but I have and can done without that) you can just enjoy and have a great time! :D

  1. Stained says:

    Sheesha give me breathing problems and I don't go to places where Alcohol is served... :)

  1. Harsha says:

    yea.. I had those issues too with smoke.. but while in college.. I just got used to it (Yay! for my nose/lungs)

    As far as Alcohol is concerned.. so.. you never go to any hotels?

  1. Stained says:

    Nope...unless I've got an event to cover. Then also I make sure it's a corporate event with no alcohol.

  1. Harsha says:

    I'm a vegetarian, its against my religion to even eat at a place where Non-veg is cooked.

    I still go, and choose to eat what I can eat or sometimes even, not eat atall. :o) wouldn;t miss out good times I could spend with friends :o)

    Okaaayyy fine, I'm not religious.. but I could argue with you on that too. Try me!

  1. Stained says:

    Going to a place that serves alcohol is not a religious decision but a personal decision. And to me being there is equal to no fun irrespective of the company.

  1. Harsha says:

    and you still wonder why you dont get paid enough? :oP

    tujhe thodi koi pilla raha hai.. hehe..

    You just have to do your job and leave, not consume the alcohol!

    and trust me.. You'd get more jobs if ppl knew you dont drink but were ready to cover events where alcohol is served.. a Photographer who has no chance getting drunk is a ++ heh

  1. Stained says:

    It's not about someone making me drink alcohol. I find the whole concept of alcohol disgusting and I'd prefer not be at a place where it is served irrespective of the money I would get paid.

  1. Harsha says:

    yea man.. I think meat and chicken is disgusting! I cannot imagine how ppl eat dead animals! :oP

    Or creatures that swim in the ocean!!

  1. Stained says:

    Well there's a slight difference....Chicken/meat/fish does not make a person do stupid things if you know what I mean... ;P

  1. Harsha says:

    it does!

    It makes someone kill those makes you.. put on weight.. makes your cholesterol go up.. etc etc!!

  1. Stained says:

    You completely missed the point but fine...

  1. Harsha says:

    hehe I got your point bacha.. just equating one sin to another.. a sin is a sin.. one not bigger than the other :oP

    MY point here is... ppl are different.. you need to adjust and accept. If everything was how we'd want it to be or everything fell in place as per expectation.. daaaammn would this be a boring world to live it!

    As you grow up.. you learn to get more accomodating. The sooner you start, the better your life gets. Theres a difference in 'principles' and 'Zid', its a thin line, but you gotta draw it.

    Tu bhi soch raha hoga.. kya aaj khali pilli lecture de rahi hai :oP

    There are chances that, if you did not have breathing issues.. maybe you wouldn't do sheesha..but you would still hang around at those places.. would you?

  1. Stained says:

    Nope...I wouldn't hang out at a sheesha place either way....

    And I know I need to be accommodation about things but where I have a choice, I will choose to make a decision that suits my principles....

    And I totally don't see the point of adjusting to things I don't see the point of....

  1. Anonymous says:

    by the way Stained... you put on weight from eating CARBS that are mostly from Rice and Bread ;) just to correct you

    regarding hanging out... dubai is not about Shisha and Clubbing... I dont smoke and I dont drink... do you think that I am not social???

    when I used to be in Dubai... my weekends always either, doing sports, playing Basket ball with my friends, racing Karting, Paint balling, swimming beach, SKI at MOE... desert nights with friends, or mountains in Hatta.. we also, go to coffee shops and restaurants, we spend all together amazing times chatting and catching up...

    occasionally I still go clubbing and concerts... and I enjoy my time with out drinking or smoking...

  1. Stained says:

    @naseem...I'm not a very active social person. I rarely meet new people and make new friends. So basically I'm stuck with the same bunch of people who are stuck around sheesha and clubbing which leaves me with no choice but to sit at home or go out on my own.

    I wish I could do sports, karting, paint ball on weekends but no one I know seems to be interested. sucks....

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