Geekfest 2.0

Posted: Friday, October 23, 2009 by Stained in Labels: , ,

I went, I saw and I didn't say a word. Well almost. I made a single contact, thats it, that also due to a friend. Didn't approach anybody and nobody approached me. Must be because of the yellow shirt I was wearing....hmm...I can't socialise even if my life depended on I doubt I'll be going again cause any effort to interact with the human race apart from the internet ends up in me feeling useless. Doesn't help my already dented, bruised, killed and buried confidence level. Back to my confort zone where I don't care if I'm ignored and that...


  1. The Ego says:

    Don't be stupid. I'll come with you next time; hopefully it'll be when I'm there. I doubt ppl would NOT approach you bcoz of the t-shirt. I saw ppl there wearing weirder t-shirts than you. So don't be stupid ... you're not ignored or forgotten.
    I'll see you in December.

  1. Abid says:

    cheer up ol' pal!

  1. Naseem says:

    lack of confidence is not your fault... coz i had this confidence issue during my college days... its sometimes blamed on our parents and the internet world and our looks in most cases...

    when I joined a course aimed on the arts of selling people during my 2nd year of college... it opened up my eyes on million of things... it thought me the skills needed to make people talk to me, approach strangers and make friends with them.

    I just lacked the knowledge in the beginning... now i feel complete confidence to be in any strangers environment.

    lead your way in finding those resources that aim in making you a better person... and you will see the difference.

    good luck and never under estimate yourself :)

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