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8 Things I'm looking forward to:
1. My next camera
2. Winter
3. Metro
4. August 2010
5. A new computer

6. err....damn I can't think of anything else....

8 Things I wish I could do...
1. Take better indoor flash shots
2. Have something to do in life apart from sitting on the computer
3. Talk more clearly
4. Speak arabic
5. Travel more often
6. Exercise
7. Earn money
8. Buy a car

8 Things I love....
1. Taking photos...
2. Adidas shoes
3. Walking
4. Staring at the sky....day and night
5. Reflections
6. Again I can't think of what else to add... :|

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Anyone who wants to do this.....


  1. D says:
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  1. D says:

    Camera... pssshhh... your camera stuff always distracts you from important people *points to self*

    Winter...I'm going to be living in perpetual winter from September onwards! :-O The place hit its highest I've seen lately with 27 degrees a few days back!!!

    Metro? Hmmm I must try it before I leave!

    Oh, what happens in August 2010? :P Think of December 2009, March 2010 first and be happy :) ... Baad ka baad mein dekha jaayega!

    Me too me too!!! LAPTOPPP!!!

    You don't JUST sit in front of the PC.

    You do need to improve the talking part. I understand you coz of loads of practice. My Mom still doesn't sometimes :(

    The travel, car, new camera, new pc and all those material things will come. Trust in yourself.

    Au revoir!

    PS - I deleted my previous post because I made a grammatical error!!! It was too embarrassing to leave it there!

  1. what camera will you get - I am fed up with changing lenses on mine and getting all the sand on the sensor - so am thinking of a Panasonic

  1. Stained says:

    Well I'm planning to upgrade my 400D to another Canon DSLR...possibly a 60D whenever that releases...

    The trick to changing lens is to avoid changing it outdoors. That is why I have a multi purpose lens in the form of the 18-200 when I don't want to or can changes lens....

    Which Panasonic are you thinking of buying...

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