Salalah Trip...Part 7

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Sunday, 3rd of August

Second part of day 5

1) Random shot of a tree in the fog as we left the Mausoleum of Nabi Ayub.
2) Ayn Jarziz lies near Atin, north of Salalah. It's a combination of springs and caves. This is the view you get on entering the place. The whole area is like a huge picnic site.
3) In the middle on the right side you can see a mound of wet mud. That is a termite hill. There are quite a few of them in some specific places and you will find no one camping/picnicking anywhere close to them.
4) Random shot of the mountain with the green branch in the foreground.
5) A view of Ayn Jarziz with the mountain in the background completing an almost perfect shot.
6) The supposed spring at Ayn Jarziz. The water from here flows the whole length of the area (about 2 kms downhill) through a small canal like thing (picture later).7) They were constructing shades, pathways and bridges at the place making it more tourist friendly I guess. But I think it was just ruining the natural look of the place. Also they were setting up a gate like thing at the entrance to regulate the traffic.
8) Another view of Ayn Jarziz .
9) This is a shot of the shade roof pillar. One of those efforts at artistic photography.
10) Another effort at artistic photography but also to show the human foot print that seems to be left at every Salalah tourist spot.
11) Random shot of Ayn Jarziz.
12) Another random of Ayn Jarziz .
13) On our way out of Ayn Jarziz.
14) This is the canal like thing I was talking about. Last time my sister had seen people washing their cars with this water. So we also stopped and used the water to wash our very dirty cars. It was fun and I got very wet. As we washed the car, the fog seemed to drift downhill to where we were as the sun went down.

15) A view of the lights of the power sub station near the Ayn Jarziz road.
16) Shot of the main road from the road leading off to Ayn Jarziz .
17) The road side restaurant off the main road near Ayn Jarziz which serves the most delicious chicken (cooked on coal) you can have. Even though the place doesn't look like much and there isn't any seating arrangement, but the food is just fantastic.
18) A view of the main road from behind the restaurant.


  1. Abid says:

    Happy Ramadan. #9 and 10 are the best ones :)

  1. Wow! I saw all the pictures from part 1 up to this part and they are super amazing! Seriously, I love photography and I absolutely envy you.

    Are you a professional photographer or something?

    Anyhow, Salalah is a magical place, I agree. I am very proud of it and I talk about it all the time to foreigners. It's posts like these that just makes me proud of being an Omani.

    Thank you!

  1. Stained says:

    Abid....Ramadan Kareem to you too....I had a feeling you would like #9 and 10

    al-maawali....I'm an aspiring photographer....Salalah is a wonderful place...I am glad I went there and hope to go there again...
    Thanks for the compliment...I have a few more parts left to're welcome for whatever you are thanking me for... :)

  1. Abid says:

    lol. You are probably being thanked for sharing the images :)

  1. Yep, that's exactly why :p

  1. Stained says:

    Then you don't need to thank me....I love taking pictures and showing them to whoever is no big deal.... :)

  1. I love 3,6 and 7.
    3 is very for some reason Medievil. You know where they have their feasts etc. This gives me location idea for my script!
    6- hidden cave conceals hidden treasure. AGAIN, location idea. Btw, is there a stream where the pebbles are located?
    7- cave of the lost Indians. :oP. VERY Indiana Jones. Btw, I see a face.

  1. Btw, Blogger has a Blog Follow list. Your's I can't add. Keeps giving me an error about not detecting the feed for your blog.

  1. Stained says:

    Location idea for you script...what's that about???

    you being unable to add me must be because of the fact that I'm still on the old blogger template...maybe

  1. D says:

    I'd say so too, but Stained, I'm on the old template as well ... and Neel's registered as a follower of my blog. It worked with my blog...

  1. Abid says:

    Do you even have a feed?
    I can't find the RSS feed for this blog. :S

  1. Stained says:

    I have the feed activated in my blogger dashboard...I'll need to look through the blogger help to figure it out...

  1. Anirudhan says:

    nice work buddy keep goin like to see more from u in future thank u for keeping me busy for a while

  1. Stained says:

    you're welcome Anirudhan.....

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