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Posted: Sunday, June 22, 2008 by Stained in

This must be the Japanese specification version of the Nissan GT-R (aka the new Skyline) as it's still not available here, from what I know. This is one cool, but a little weird looking car. Gave one of my favorite cars - the Porsche 911 Turbo - a beating in the CAR magazine review....
Shooting Date/Time : 6/21/2008 3:47:14 PM
Tv(Shutter Speed) : 1/800
Av(Aperture Value) : 6.3
Metering Mode : Center-Weighted Average Metering
ISO Speed 400
Focal Length 24.0 mm


  1. D says:

    Hmmm ... nice...

  1. pr3m says:

    metering mode? wtf?
    saaale car ke specs de na!
    but i'm really :(
    & jealous.
    man i gotta put my money in that fuckin mashreq millionaire scam...

  1. Stained says: are the specs!!

    All Wheel Drive, 3.8 liters, 480 hp, V6

  1. Not really. There were 2 that were shipped directly to Abu Dhabi (one in red and the other I believe was this silver which you spotted). This was about 2.5 weeks ago. Has to be American specs because the car doesn't launch here until next year. At the motorshow everybody was gawking at it. You can place your order now for the car; but then again it won't come in Gulf specs. Be wary of the engine though. When the 350Z made its debut in the UAE, my friend ordered for the car from the States. Why? Because he wanted the car in a specific color which wasn't available here. Guess what? The delivery took longer than expected and the engine was faulty.

  1. Stained says:

    hmm....US specifications...
    I don't like this car as's fast, perfect handling and is cheaper than the rest but I'd prefer the rear heavy, go a little wild Porsche 911 turbo.... :D

    At least he got a refund....what color did he want it in???

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  1. The blue of a manuscript book but with more gloss.
    The GTR is going to create a riot among our Emirati peeps here. They are writhing with anticipation (the ones who haven't ordered it yet). I doubt there will be anything extra in the ME version of the car while comparing it to the US specs models. Have you checked out the new Eclipse? I was gawking at it like a 10 year old kid. What a friggin transformation! I guess Mitsubishi had to up its signature car (after the Lancer) when Nissan announced the beginning of the new Skyline. What a riot the Skyline, Lancer and Eclipse caused a couple of years ago. People would keep heading to Aweer (now Al Ain is the new Aweer) for mods.I remember watching all those illegal street races and oh, remember the one with the bottles at Warqa?
    I tend to yak a lot when it comes to cars and the likes... :)

  1. Stained says:

    I think you mean the new Evolution X....cause the new Eclipse has been out for some time....

    I'm sure the GTR is going to be a craze here with half the people who will never take it to the track (except those drag races) and will never be able to figure out half the stuff that is on it. They'll just talk about big turbos and all that....and trash a few others...

    I remember the was ridiculous...I used to have these morons in college who had made 'making turbo noises' part of their greeting....

  1. Hahaaaa! Turbo noise as a greeting. Phunny! :o)
    The Eclipse is what I'm talking about not the Evo. The Eclipse isn't common here because my friends have just spotted two and myself- just one so far in Dubai so that makes 3. Probably US specs again. But that was some rad looking car. Ferrari (ugh) has launched it's latest model called Ferrari California. Never liked the Ferrari anyways. I wouldn't use it even if I got it for free. I'd get rid of it.

  1. Stained says:

    I love Ferrari....though I prefer the older models to the new ones like the 250GTO and the F40...
    hmm....there are half a dozen eclipse for sale in the Classifieds and I've seen more than a dozen on the it is quite common....

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