Posted: Friday, May 16, 2008 by Stained in

Found the way they were sitting on two wooden sticks interesting and snapped a picture. At least they were wearing a safety harness [the orange thing].

Shooting Date/Time : 5/16/2008 11:40:56 AM
Tv(Shutter Speed) : 1/160
Av(Aperture Value) : 8.0
Metering Mode : Evaluative Metering
ISO Speed : 100
Focal Length : 200.0 mm


  1. D says:

    You take amazing pictures... and I'm very proud of you ... and proud to be someone who knows you.

  1. Stained says:

    well it was a good picture which I guess looks better with the selective objects in color effect...thanks.. :)

  1. You should have named the entry 'Superman' or supermen or spidermen...the colors SO reminded me of the super hero.

  1. Mohammad says:

    I like the contrast in colors...makes a more powerfull photo... and puts an emphasis on your subject.... i might only crop this distraction on the left border...

  1. Stained says:

    @ neel....didn't think about the super hero angle...makes sense...
    @ mohammad....I usually avoid cropping my in this picture...any cropping would not enable me to keep my main subject in the middle....

  1. Mohammad says:

    I don't mean cropping in photo shop... i meant while taking the photo...

  1. Stained says:

    hmm....that way!!

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