Ketchup Sachet

Posted: Wednesday, April 30, 2008 by Stained in

Its surprising how small food outlets like 'Haji Ali' near Lamcy plaze do not have a problem providing 7 ketchup sachets [without asking] with a Dhs15/- order while making a similar priced order in any of the fast food chains will provide you with just 2 ketchup sachets, on asking 2 mayonnaise sachet and on further insisting one or two more ketchup sachets. To add to this, I've been hearing stories about how people are getting charged for every extra sachet they ask for. Now we know that inflation has kicked the prices sky high but charging for sachets, that's pushing it a little too far. But then again, it's not their fault completely as they're barred to raise prices of the food they serve. Anyway as usual, here's a picture...of the sachets... ;)

Shooting Date/Time : 4/30/2008 4:57:32 PM
Tv(Shutter Speed) : 1/60
Av(Aperture Value) : 5.0
Metering Mode : Evaluative Metering
ISO Speed : 100
Focal Length : 63.0 mm


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