Trip to Kalba...

Posted: Thursday, March 27, 2008 by Stained in

On Friday evening, I went for a trip to Kalba with my family from the Sharjah University City road through the mountains that leads us directly to Kalba. We Basically were trying to get to the Mangrove area in Kalba before sunset (we'd left our home in Dubai by 4:30pm) as we wanted to collect some oyesters or muscles (just like that). Here are some pictures of the scenery we passed on the way...

Plots marked for Development, The University City-Kalba road

It was surprisingly very green, The University City-Kalba road

I like this shot, The University City-Kalba road

This Female Donkey was very protective about its kid, The University City-Kalba road


The winding Kalba Mountain Road

That Truck ahead was speeding away...very unsafe

Mountains all around

The houses you can see are part of a new town established recently

The Bridge to the Town

Up we go....

The longest Tunnel in UAE...I think

The way down

The Smaller Tunnel

The winding Way down

That Lexus driver was another reckless person...

Flatness ahead

The Mangroves near the new corniche in Kalba

The Mangroves with the Moutains in the Background, Just after sunset...

The City road lights


  1. D says:

    As usual...I love your pics... what more can I say? :)

    PS - Remember what happened when you showed me the pics on my laptop???? :D

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