A real Heart Breaker

Posted: Monday, January 21, 2008 by Stained in Labels:

It's a real heart breaker
These things just seem to happen
Pretty much everything is lost
Just that freaking pain
Maybe that's what it feels like
Buts it's no secret

Everyone has a choice
Leave if you must
No one to hold you back
Nothing to feel for
This is pretty much the finish line
There is nothing left to say

A motion of freedom
It's a real heart breaker
But it's not my war to fight
I'm just here to watch the show
To live my life and be entertained
Loneliness was never an issue

- Stained..

A Poem after a very long time.....this one has been due for a few weeks now...


  1. D says:

    I didn't comment before mainly coz I had no idea what to say.
    What you've written is terribly vague in the sense that I cannot make head or tails out of it. What are you trying to say? What does it mean? Every poem means something or at least, is supposed to. And I can't figure this one out.

  1. Stained says:

    the meaning is quite simple..but if you don't get it then there is no use explaining....

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