Diwali and Trucks

Posted: Sunday, November 11, 2007 by Stained in

Yes yes I know, first I don't blog for several days and then suddenly I make two quick posts. Well lately I've really haven't bothered updating this blog but well its high time I got back to blogging as I really don't have anything else to do(I've left work, too much to balance with college already a pain).

Well this is yet another picture/s post so that means I have nothing to write about on this blog. Hmm....makes my life sound quite uneventful. Well I'll deal with my boring uneventful life later.

Getting to the post.....First of all 'Happy Diwali' to one and all(not that there is an 'all', highly doubt anyone really reads this blog anymore apart from 'd'...the one). The picture that follows was taken of the house which instead of using the usual bulb lights to decorate ones balcony, they decided to use candles or as you call them in Hindi 'Dia's', I think its spelled like that, at least that's how Dia is spelled in 'Dia Mirza's' name, no wait, I think she spells her name differently now after some 'baba' or 'Jootish'(don't know what you call them in English) told her to change it. Anyway back to the picture, it looked different to me so I took a picture and thought of posting it here as a 'Happy Diwali' picture.

Getting to the second part of my post, a building is under construction near my house. So recently they were laying out the foundation. After putting the rods, they got the heavy equipment to pour the cement. The close the road beside the site to make space for the trucks. Work began at 10pm on Thursday and got over by early Saturday morning. This one day schedule was all due to the fact that heavy trucks are allowed in the city for the whole day only on fridays. Not sure if the foundation work was complete so I do expect the trucks to be back this coming Friday. Anyway I took a few pictures(Duh!!) so here they are. Not very happening but well...the site of the trucks was pretty cool....


  1. D says:

    I can spot a few annoyances to my yin-yang :P:P:P
    Well thank you... I'm the one!!! :D

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