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Posted: Friday, July 27, 2007 by Stained in

And so it ends....

The Harry potter series has ended & so has the world of magic that a lot of us dreamed to be a part of. The last book was the best by far. People dropping left right & centre, the struggle for safety, the close escapes...etc was amazing though many people cried about the book various downs which puzzled me. I felt bad at various junctions in the book, but a tear did not appear in my eyes. Does this mean I'm unemotional...I would say no. As many guys are known to have a emotional span of a teaspoon, I don't belong to that elite clan of baboons full of them self.

'D' said that maybe I am not connected to the characters[the book] as she maybe is. I again don't agree...Harry potter books have been a part of me for such a long time that now not having to look forward to another book to release is upsetting but instead of choosing to cry about it I plan to visit that magical world in the fantasy land that I live at night, accept the end of the series & move on.

So that's that......


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