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I've been getting annoyed quite easily lately. For the past several days I've always ended up being in a bad mood. The best part is that I still haven't vented my anger/frustration etc on anyone during those bad moods, just don't have the strenght. I seriously need to do something really soon cause I've got my mock exams in a couple of weeks & I havent even started studying. Its just too much of an effort to study & I'm not really bothered. All those dreams of getting a merit have gone down the drain & I don't really care if I pass or not. I've never failed in an exam [i.e of importance] in my life but by the way I'm going that 'never failed' thing won't stand. Don't know what to do, too much of emotions screwing up life right now that I can't think straight. Plus I've been bunking classes left right & centre. Wonder what my parents will say when they see my attendence percentage in the report after the exams. I'm already in so much trouble at home & with all this added, it's like digging my own grave. Life sucks but again my friends will say that I should deal with it & grow up, but I wonder what they will say if they were in my position. Last thing I remember they were not able to clear there own lifes. I know one day I'm going to burst again like last week but it won't matter...not anymore

Drifting to another topic. I've been listening to the new 'Maroon 5' song 'Makes me Wonder'. I kinda love Maroon 5 music & this song is just another master piece coming from them. Its been playing on repeat on my MP3 player for about 2 hours already & I'm still not bored of it. It has their usual music touch with wonderful lyrics. Lyrics that I somehow connect to [like many other songs but well it sounds nice to my ears right now atleast].
I highly recommend it & I think I'd personally buy the album when its out.

Maybe I should change this blog name to 'Rantings of Stained' or something.


  1. ArabLady says:

    Hey hey for God’s sake wake up…man I don’t like to see you upset…sho fee…cheer up …& hey ur education excellence is a must it’s a propriety khaled plz don’t ever think of failing a mock exam….listen hawinha bithon! Get out out of ur mood..break a jar or two or a mug or something I dunno …that’s wut I do …or u know just grab a piece of paper & write down wut pisses u off…be positive, think of how blessed u r having the life others cant have…be optimistic ok

    With love

  1. D says:

    I hope he listens to you, coz he sure doesn't listen to me!!!!!

  1. Issa says:

    *pat pat*

    Don't vent your anger, express it. If not, ignore the cause of your anger... your problems lie in your procrastination... in my honest opinion at least!

    Oh, and aren't all blogs mostly rantings? I like the title as is, though. Hope you do well during your mocks, just cram it all up... face it with a smile, what's the worse that can happen - -?

    *don't answer the last question, I'm scared of answering it myself!*

  1. Anonymous says:

    btw where r u from?:D

  1. Stained says:

    @ arablady...chill chill..I'm not gonna flunk [if i give them]...srsly...I'm good at passing through sheer common sense.. :D
    & breaking things...might do that...
    didnt know you worried soo much...thanx... :)
    & blessed I am...but with every blessing there is a curse

    @ d...I do listen to you sometimes...

    @ issa...procrastination is mildly true...I'll be writing...poetry is my source of venting..
    & cramping is my speciality for exams...if needed

    @ india...but born & brought up I like to call this place home...

  1. Stained says:

    i meant @ anonymous..the last one

  1. D says:

    Tortured artist... :P

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