Posted: Monday, March 19, 2007 by Stained in

A skill I'm not very proud of is my ability to make things up when needed to cover up a truth. I can spin a story out of no where that is completely believable. Done it so many times for my friends & sometimes I surprise myself with the stories I make with a perfect series of fake incidents that coincide with the requirements of a perfect cover-up, a fool-proof story.

But it does not mean that I'm a very convincing liar when this 'made up' story comes out of my mouth. Its more effective when I'm the writer while someone else does the act of saying it.


  1. D says:

    Same here unfortunately... I've covered up for myself and others many times... doesn't seem to work with one or two ppl though ... :|

  1. I suffer from the same ability. Except, I think I'm pretty convincing.. It's an awful, awful thing to do.

    I always feel so guilty.

    *sigh* I guess that it's what young people do, lol. Part of growing up..

  1. fud says:

    hmm..thrs nuthn worse thn being lied 2....not saying the complete truth isnt all tht right but going sooo outta ur way 2 lie...thts jus terrible...may seem unavoidable sumtimes but its a vicious circle...ppl cant take the truth coz every1 lies so much...if evry1 wud drop the act ud realize tht every1s on the same plane...human...utopian tru but its a thought....

  1. Radhii says:

    Lol nice post.
    I mostly do the covering up for myself bit. =P

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