Mom in the hospital

Posted: Wednesday, January 24, 2007 by Stained in

Moms in the hospital. Haven't let it get to me though, till now at least. Have watched my sister cry, my brother & dad look grim. But I'm still trying to be strong in front of them. A few friends know about it & again I've been trying to portray an image of toughness & carefree.

Haven't called up my mom either on her direct number cause I don't think I'll be able to talk to her.

My TD wants to take care of me tomorrow. So I'm going to hold it all in for tomorrow when I'll let myself fall into her arms. Sorry my love for upsetting you yesterday & today, was just upset myself & was not thinking straight as usual about yesterday. Love you lots & lots....& I know you know that.

Dads home right now, he'll be going to the hospital after some time but I'm not going with him. Just going to sit at home till chikku comes to pick me up to go for work.

Btw, Dads calling me a scary cat (in a not so serious manner) for not talking to mom on the phone... :S


  1. D says:

    Who said anything about arms? :P

    And yeah... scared cat only... :P

  1. fud says:

    ur acting like ur mums turnd into a monster (by not havng the guts 2 call her..dya think she wud eva do tht 2 u...!!)...shes in the where ppl go 2 get better...n inshallah she will very soon...she needs taking care of mor thn u don b a wuss n do it...ul feel bettr

  1. Stained says:

    spoke to mom..she called...& she understands my situation about not calling her....she knows me well & is fine with it...

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