K.V at night

Posted: Monday, January 08, 2007 by Stained in

As usual, I had my FR class from 7'o clock in the evening to 10'o clock. Boring as usual & I felt like bunking it as usual [I know...Lots of 'as usual']. So giving into the temptation to bunk the second half of my class & having nothing else to do, I decided to walk around Knowledge Village [K.V], time being 9:15pm. There were only about half a dozen people around & here I was trying to take good pictures with my mobile camera [a SE K750i] while trying hard not to be spotted by any of those few people. Did not want to attract too much attention, wouldn't have liked it. Prefer not being disturbed when in the photography mood. No wait, more like prefer being left alone lately.... :
It was fun, for once K.V wasn't buzzing with students which was a nice change. So here are the few good pictures I managed to take with my mobile [Don't mind the bad quality as night mode sucks on mobiles]......


  1. shanks says:

    Nice clicks .... keep posting more pics.

  1. D says:

    Nice pics...
    It is lovely at KV towards the evening and night... that's my fate tomorrow... :( "Akele akele" in KV for me... maybe even I should sit and take pics!

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