A fun day 03/01/07

Posted: Thursday, January 04, 2007 by Stained in

Yesterday was sooo much fun. Thanks Chikuu :D :D.

We had plans to go for a movie[Museum in the night] at 1pm but because one of my friend had other plans that would make it impossible for her to reach the theatre[Grand cineplex] at the decided time we postponed it to 7:15pm. But I was feeling a little uneasy so asked Chikuu if we could go for lunch with the others who were free at lunch time. So me, Giri, Chikuu & HB went to Caesar's restaurant in Deira near Habtoor motors. I had a Chicken sizzler, it was delicious. Sat there till 3:30[the restaurant closing time was 3pm]. Then me & HB had a craving for chocolate so went to Chili's for molten chocolate cake as our dessert..

After that we headed for Jumeirah beach. This was not the open beach opposite McDonalds or the Burj al Arab beach. It was the one in the middle, don't know what it's called. It was soo freaking windy & cold. Beautiful weather in my opinion but a little too cold for Chikuu & HB, they cuddled up in the cars booth[VW Touareg]. I went on a photography spree & took about 20 pictures. We were there till 5:30 slowly watching the sun playing hide & seek behind the clouds. Here are a few pics that I took...

Then we made our way to BurDubai where we picked up gauri & waited for giri to go feed his parrot. We met little traffic[as compared to normal dubai traffic] & reached the theatre by 7.

The movie was nice. Time pass but entertaining at the same time. The worst part was that a monkey in the movie who was a complete brat, pain in the ass is called Dexter & that's my Bluetooth name cause I tend to call my self Dexter after the cartoon. Ahhh!! My friends anyway called me a monkey cause I practice the art Parkour[will make a post about that later] & I'm a hyper active person so after the movie, my friends kept teasing me. So bugging.... The movie ended at 9:15 & I got dropped home at 10. A wonderful day, lots of fun.

Thanks again Chikuu .........


  1. The Ego says:
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  1. The Ego says:

    Monkey boy?? A cross between Mojo Jojo from Powerpuff Girls and Dexter??

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nothing can beat the first spoonfull of molten chocolate cake!


    Sounds like a fun day indeed,mojexter.

  1. Stained says:

    mojexter... :O

    I disagree...my mom makes a sweet dish that beats everything else... :D

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