Anger management

Posted: Wednesday, November 29, 2006 by Stained in

In a whacked out mood. Have had four heated conversations in the past 24 hours, not fun I say.

The first[last night], Mo has a nik that might upset sam[she is like a sister to me], so I ask him to act in a appropriate manner & to change it. He gets offended & said it was for something else[I don't believe him]& that I should keep my bad stuffs with me & he does not want to start any bullshit again....hmm....:S

The Second[last night], SS calls me up. He asks me why I'm spreading rumors about something he has never done. I'm like wtf?. He said I was going around telling people a lie about him. Here I was wondering when did I start telling people stuff when the thing he was talking about, only two other persons knew to my knowledge unless someone had overheard me[which was a very high possibility]. So I told him maybe someone over heard me & it was not my fault, not my responsibility. But he kept swearing & my temper kept rising. But then I today after a loooong sleep I send him a SMS saying sorry... :S

The Third[last night], Mom got mad at me for late night phone calls to my friends. She lectured me a lot that screwed my mood further. I know it was my mistake but well I had lost my temper twice already so it was on the edge, lost it again.

The fourth[Today morning], D.O or 'The bitch' as I like to call her. She's got a new dog[boy friend] who seems to have a few contacts. He was able to provide a discount on tickets for my friends b'day treat. So being jerks that a few of my friends are, they invited them. I didn't know about it till today & the treats tomorrow. My temper rose again, Why do they have to call 'The bitch'& her Dog, sheesh...I'm thinking of not going now...But then I decided to go & just messaged her on MSN telling her to stay out of my way, she replied after a looong time[maybe she needed the time to think] saying that she is not interested in my way, that I should keep my advice to myself...But as I had been advised before, I ignored the trash she was saying.

Hmm...Somebody's gonna get steam rolled by me...Just hope its 'The bitch' or somebody I don't like...But then people who care want me to control. Its so much easier to be angry then to control. Why should I control when I can remove it all on people who deserved to be trashed. Ruining people's lives is sooo much more satisfying then bottling it up & screwing your own life. What to do is the big question....


  1. D says:

    You're mad.
    And violent. Emotionally and verbally, more than physically.
    So yes, CONTROL yourself. You'll ruin your mood more than anyone else's.
    And besides, some ppl are just not worth the effort of getting so rude and angry and all that ...

  1. champa says:

    Clearly your English sounds like bhojpuri when you are angry.... spell check/grammar check pls

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