Interesting chat

Posted: Saturday, October 07, 2006 by Stained in

Had quite a emotional satisfying chat with one of my close friends. She made me feel much better about things going on in life. 'Act mature', thats what she said. Maybe I am acting a little stupid, sometimes things are just too personal for one to share with others. Maybe thats why I was kept in the dark. 'You have to understand.. that what you give.. you never always get in return..' she added..maybe I am expecting too much. Interesting, this was quite a anti-climax for me, I needed the help of another person to understand things more clearly. Not something I'm used to. But well maybe this was just one of those days.....


  1. bumblebee says:

    Always helps talking to others... its not always about having someone who is a good listener but have an open mind and consider their advice As well..and not be a know it all.

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